FAQs About The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ ChampionshipThis year’s organizing committee has tried to answer every possible question about the October 24th event in this web site, but it’s almost certain that we’ve missed something. Here are some of the questions we’ve been frequently asked by contestants, sponsors or attendees during the past Dallas Kosher BBQ Championships.

Questions About The BBQ Competition


Do I have to be Jewish to compete in The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship?

No, you don’t have to be Jewish to compete. We welcome teams and sponsors from every facet of American life to enjoy all aspects of this event.


Why is The Sevent Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship entry fee higher than many other BBQ events?

Most BBQ events have the competing teams bring their own meats, sauces, vegetables, condiments, smokers and tools. If you’ve competed in this type of event, you know that providing these items is quite expensive. Our event is different. We provide the meats, seasonings, spices, condiments and everything else a team needs to compete. We do this to assure that all foods and tools are 100% Kosher, and we have the competition supervised by a specially trained team of Rabbis. Providing these foods, tools and supervisory personnel is the reason our entry fee must be higher than one for a similar, but non-Kosher, BBQ competition.


​Are there prizes for the winners in each category?

Each team participating in the Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship automatically competes for prizes in three categories: the Official Judging, the Celebrity Judging and the People’s Choice Judging.Winners of the Official Judging will receive over $500 in cash plus trophies. The Grand Champion will receive a hand-crafted trophy (see photo) and a cash award. The Reserve Grand Champion will receive a one-of-a-kind trophy and a cash award. Winners of the individual meat competitions will receive trophies plus gift packages.


​I plan to enter a team. What should we bring to the BBQ competition? Is anything forbidden?

For more details please see the team rules and guide book. They explain what we provide and what is acceptable for you to bring.


​I’m almost ready to enter a team in The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship competition, but still have a few questions. Who should I talk to?

We will need your name and phone number and one of our event coordinators will contact you.

Please email teams@dallaskosherbbq.com.

How many people can be on a team to compete in the event?

We follow KCBS rules, so each team is limited to five people.


Can I enter the competition under my company’s name / hang up a banner and advertise my company?

Yes, you may enter your team with your company name. And yes, you can hang a banner in your tent area – as long as it doesn’t interfere with the other teams or present any type of hazard.

Questions About Vending and Sponsoring The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship


I’d like to be a sponsor of your 2021 event. How should I proceed?

We would love to have you as a sponsor. There are many sponsorship levels to support this festival of food and fun and to expose your business to people who love barbecue, tradition and a great time. For a complete sponsor kit, go to:

Sponsorship Packet


How can I sell my products at The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship?

A limited number of booths and tents are available in our Vendor Zone. Please download the application and return it as soon as possible.

Vendor Application Packet


How can I include my products/services in your silent auction?

Donating to this year’s silent auction is an excellent way to support the goals of the organizers, while providing exposure for your products and services. For more information about participating in this year’s silent auction, contact us via e-mail (see link below).

Silent Auction E-Mail Link

Can I include my products in the judges’ welcome baskets?

Each participating KCBS and Celebrity Judge is given a welcome basket as a token of the organizing committee’s appreciation. In the past, these baskets have included event tee shirts, aprons and pins, unique BBQ sauces and rubs, handy BBQ tools, etc. If you’d like to have your product included in the judges’ baskets, send an email outlining your proposal to the email link below:

Email Us About Judges’ Baskets

​How can I give away free samples of my products/services at The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship?

The best way to have a presence at the 2021 event — and provide free samples of your products or services — is to be a sponsor (certain sponsorship levels come with a complimentary booth) or to reserve a vendor’s booth or a tent in our vendor area. Due to our restricted space, the number of available booths and tents is limited and several are already reserved.

For additional information, send an e-mail to: info@dallasosherbbq.com. Please remember this is a Kosher event. Food samples must be marked Kosher by a recognized certification organization. Additionally, they must be Parve (not containing dairy or meat products) if intended for consumption on the premises.

General Questions About the The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship


​What is the event’s admission charge?

There is no admission charge for attending the Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship. Parking is both plentiful and free too.


​Where can I park my car?

There is plenty of free parking. Early arrivals will find parking spaces surrounding the event site. There is also a large number of parking spaces behind the Sunnyland Outdoor Living showroom and on the street. Signs will be posted to direct you to available spaces.


​Will the food vendors accept credit cards?

As in years past, our food vendors will not accept cash or credit cards. They will only accept special coupons. These will only be available at our designated tent on the 24th, or you can buy them online using your credit card. Cash and credit cards will be accepted at the coupon tent.


​Can I pre-pay for my family’s food and beverage purchases?

In past years, the only way to pay for food and beverages sold by the event’s vendors was to purchase the unique coupons with cash or a credit card on the day of the event. In 2021, we have added the convenience of pre-paying for your family’s food and drinks with your credit card. Follow the link below to learn more about this convenient way to have your event coupons pre-paid and waiting for your arrival.

Prepay Food & Beverages


​When will you publish a complete schedule of events?

A draft of our complete schedule of events is currently being assembled. Watch this site for updates to the October 24th schedule.


​Will I be able to taste the BBQ cooked by the contestants?

Individuals will be able to judge the meats prepared by our competing teams is always a pleasure. A limited number of People’s Choice judging tickets will be available for purchase, as part of our People’s Choice competition. People’s Choice tickets will be available via our web site and, if not fully-subscribed online, on October 24th. (Hint: if you really want to taste the BBQ prepared by our entrants, buy your People’s Choice tickets online well before the event.)


​What are the sanctioning and supervising agencies for The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship?

The Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS), the world’s largest organization of barbeque and grilling enthusiasts with over 20,000 members worldwide, has officially sanctioned the October 24th event. Dallas Kosher, the oldest Kosher certification agency in the Southwest, will supervise the competition to be certain all rules relating to Kosher food are observed.


​What are the sponsoring organizations for this year’s competition?

The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship is sponsored by Congregation Beth Torah Men’s Club. Proceeds will benefit the programs and initiatives of the Men’s Club as well as its charity recipient, CHAI (Community Homes for Adults, Inc.). CHAI provides programs and services that enable adults with intellectual disabilities to live full, rich lives in a safe environment.


​What can my children do at this year’s event?

We make sure that all children have a memorable time at every Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship. New this year: A limited number of children, supervised by a parent, will compete for trophies and medals in the 2021 Kid’s Que BBQ cooking event (more information will be available in the coming weeks.) Your children will also enjoy assembling a Home Depot-sponsored woodworking project, jumping in a bounce house, trying a Springfree trampoline, and more! They’ll also enjoy having their photo taken (with or without their parents) wearing funny hats, scarves, glasses, etc. at the free green screen photography booth.


​How much do the activities in the Kids Zone cost?

All Kids Zone activities are 100% free, as are admission to the event and parking.


​Can I smoke my favorite cigars during the event?

Tobacco products of any kind are not allowed on the event grounds. You can smoke your favorite cigar, cigarette, e-cigarette or pipe a few steps beyond the event’s clearly-marked border.


I’d like to be a judge at a future Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship. What steps should I take?

Our four-meat competition has three sets of judges and three sets of awards. The competition’s Official Judges are trained and certified by KCBS. They are selected from a pool of applicants who submit their credentials for consideration well in advance of our event.

If you hold KCBS credentials, and would like to be considered for next year’s judging panel, please contact us via e-mail at judges@dallaskosherbbq.comin December. (You can learn more about the KCBS training and certification program for judges by visiting http://www.kcbs.us/judges-requirements.php).

The second set of judges, all prominent in our region’s media, food service, and sports activities, will sample and vote for their favorite BBQ in each of the four meat categories. Their votes will lead to the Celebrity Judging Awards.

The third set of judges is composed of attendees who participate in the People’s Choice program. Each participant can cast one vote for their favorite “taste.” This process leads to the presentation of the People’s Choice Awards.


​I enjoyed watching the hot dog and pickle eating contests last year. Will you have them this year? How can I enter?

The Texas Jewish Post Hot Dog Eating Contest and the Restland Funeral Home Pickle Eating Contest are two of our attendees’ favorite events. This year you can enter by clicking on the link below and submitting your application. Hurry, there are only a limited number of openings for each of these contests.

Enter a Contest


​What food options will be available and how much will they cost at this year’s BBQ Championship?

Kosher food vendors are currently applying for space at our October 24th event. In past years attendees have enjoyed a variety of popularly-priced meats, treats, sandwiches and beverages. Based on the applications currently being considered, there WILL be some unexpected food and beverage choices at this year’s event.


​Can I bring my leashed pet(s) when I attend?

As a courtesy to others in attendance, and for the safety of your pet, please leave them at home while you attend this year’s event. The size of the crowd, the smell of the food and the number of small children may be overwhelming to them.


​Will the businesses around the event be open during the event?

The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship will be held in the Sunnyland Patio Furniture parking lot at the intersection of Coit and Spring Valley Roads. All on-site businesses that have regular Sunday hours will be open to the public.


​What happens if the weather is not so great the day of the event? Is the event still happening?

The Seventh Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship will take place — regardless of weather conditions — on October 24th, 2021, unless they are life-threatening.


​I have an unusual question about this year’s competition. Who should I contact?

If, after a careful reading of the information on our web site, you still have a question, please send an email to the link below: