Kid’s Que Guidelines

Fun event for Kid’s who enjoy BBQ and want to see what it is like to compete in a competition.

*** This event cancelled for 2021 ****


Age Group 7-15

This is an individual event. 1 kid and 1 adult over 18 to supervise (an adult may supervise up to 2 kids – i.e. two siblings can have same parent supervise)

Team Meeting for all 10:30 am

Prep: 10:45 am Pick up grill, charcoal chimney, charcoal, chicken

Turn in time: 2 pm

1 meat will be cooked. Chicken legs. Each entrant will be given and adequate supply to prepare and box for the celebrity judges to judge.

  • Each entrant will be using a 14” Weber Smokey Joe Grill to cook on
  • Additional cooking utensils such as tongs, knives, thermometer, measuring cups or spoons, hot glove, turn in box and others will be provided to the teams
  • Charcoal will also be provided
  • Entrant may provide wood as needed based on preference
  • Entrant will have access to the kosher ingredient pantry provided for the event.
  • No special ingredients will be available. If someone has a specific ingredient that they choose to use, the item must be marked kosher, unopened and has to be approved by the DK Mashgiach. Only Parve items are acceptable.
  • DK Mashgiach must light all fires.
  • Teams cannot bring any utensils or other tools or cooking supplies for use in competition. We supply all items needed to cook.

To enter the Kid’s Que Competition online, please visit the Kid’s Que Entry Form page. A pdf form may also be downloaded for submittal via mail.